SQLAuthority News – Hyderabad Techies February Fever Feb 11, 2010 – Indexing for Performance

I recently presented in Hyderabad User Group on the subject of The Other Side of SQL Server Index: Advanced Solutions to Ancient Problem , you can read more about this event here SQLAuthority News – MUGH – Microsoft User Group Hyderabad – Feb 2, 2010 Session Review. I really had great time talking about Index and Index Tuning. Index is very important part of database performance tuning and understanding it is a big thing. I have learned a lot of performance tuning tricks from Itzik Ben-Gan and Greg Low.

After successful session at Hyderabad User Group, I have presented follow up technical session at online Hyderabad User Group Hyderabad Techies. The title of the session was SQL Server Index Maintenance: Detect, Create, Detect & Rebuild. It was really fun as session was attended by 50+ enthusiasts and had lots of interaction in online community which is a bit unusual.

Hyderabad Techies is a community which is launched exclusively for developers working on Microsoft technologies in Hyderabad which has 1000+ members.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

4 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Hyderabad Techies February Fever Feb 11, 2010 – Indexing for Performance

  1. Are these sessions exclusive for specific set of people? How do we get to know about such sessions and what do we need to do for attending the same? Please let me know.



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