SQL SERVER – Download FREE SQL SERVER Express Edition and Service Pack 1

Here is the quick link from where SQL Server 2008 Express Edition can be downloaded.

Download SQL Server 2008 Express Edition

You can download it with many additional details as described in following image. Click on above link to go to page and select desired version.

SQLExpress SQL SERVER   Download FREE SQL SERVER Express Edition and Service Pack 1

Additionally, please install SQL Server 2008 Express Service Pack 1.

You can read one of my previous article where I have covered SQL Server 2008 Express in detail SQL SERVER – SQL Server Express – A Complete Reference Guide.

Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

25 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Download FREE SQL SERVER Express Edition and Service Pack 1

  1. Dear, sir/Madam, I want to know that the sql server have Cambodia language or not ? if have which version that support with Cambodia language?


  2. hi sr,….. please tell me the of ” link sql server 2005 ” complete version which will work with vs 2010

    thanking u sr…plz


  3. Sir.
    I am a software developer. due to some personal problem I had to stop my work .after 5 years I would like to start my work again. can I run my software(VB6 and SQL server 2000) in Windows 7 ? or not why?


  4. Dear
    Sir i want save my data with the help of vs 2008 in sql server 2005. but i did not want to install fully sql server 2005 be cause its take many more time to install what shuld i do plz tell me my id thanks


  5. why cant i install sql server yet i installed microsoft visual studio 2008 and it does not have sql server i have my sql that i use with dreamweaver when i try to install sql server it does not install previous installation had conflict with IIS


  6. I tried many times to install SqlServer 2005 it refused to install. My OS is Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium, where is the problem? How can I procede to succeed installing the soft? thx.


  7. can ms sql server 2008 express edition be replaced with ms sql server 2008 professional edition.or ms sql server 2009 express edition,ms sql server 2010 express edition,ms sql server 2011,2012,2013 express edition,professional or enterprise edition.can they work with sv 2010 professional edition


  8. I’ve developed a windows app in c# and sql server enterprise as backend. now I want to install my app in client’s machine. should I’ve to install sql server enterprise? or is there any other tool to install to manage database in clients machine? plz help me


  9. Dear Sir,

    how can i install multiple named instances in sql server 2008 ?

    i want to connect my same sql server studio one to access my local db and another one for production server db, how may i do this plz help me.
    urgent help needed.



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