SQLAuthority News – Community Tech Days – Oct 3, 2009 – SQL Server 2008 – The Other Side of Index

Microsoft Community Tech Days are here! Dive deep into the world of Microsoft technologies at the Community TechDays and get trained on the latest from Microsoft.

ctd3 SQLAuthority News   Community Tech Days   Oct 3, 2009   SQL Server 2008   The Other Side of Index

Community Tech Days are coming to Ahmedabad on Oct 3, 2009. I will be presenting the session ‘SQL Server 2008 – The Other Side of Index’. I will be talking about the other side of Index where we will be thinking out of the typical way of creating Indexes. Take a look at the following common conversation.

Person 1: My Query is running slow.
Person 2: How about create an index on it?
Person 1: Good point!

Every time I listen to such conversations, I sense a lack of complete understanding on how the Index affects performance. I will be starting the session with the above mentioned conversation and will continue to explain how index and performance are related. We will not talk about the regular creation of index but will explore the different sides of Index. We will also discuss about common concepts that are related to index, such as deadlock, execution plan, indexed view, and few other issues. I assure you that this whole session will be a two-way interaction between the attendees and me.

Again, we will have a lot of interesting demos, examples and conversations. If you have not registered for this event, I suggest that you do the same right away.

ctdreg SQLAuthority News   Community Tech Days   Oct 3, 2009   SQL Server 2008   The Other Side of Index

Please note that there is no video recording of this event or live telecast. This event should be attended in person.

I am not only attending this event to deliver my tech session, but also to listen to two of my colleagues.

I am an avid listener of Vinod Kumar’s sessions and I make sure that I do not miss any of them. I always feel that he is capable of instilling his passion in all who listen. He is well known for his community site ExtremeExperts.com and also is the top evangelist from Microsoft. He will be presenting two excellent sessions. I am looking forward to listen both the sessions – Tips and Tricks with Office 2010 and Windows 7 – A Dream Operating System for IT Professionals.

Jacob Sebastian is an SQL Server MVP and also my friend. We work together on all the community-related aspects. We are leaders of Ahmedabad SQL Server User Group and Gandhinagar SQL Server User Group. Jacob is going to speak at PASS Global Summit in November 2009. He will be presenting an excellent session on the Best Practices for Exception Handling and Defensive Programming in Microsoft SQL Server.

I insist all of you to register for this event to make the maximum use of it. We can meet after the session and talk about some good SQL.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

6 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Community Tech Days – Oct 3, 2009 – SQL Server 2008 – The Other Side of Index

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  2. I must say just few words about this tech event , its what in a nut shell be summarised as “Coming events cast their shadows before “.

    Alluring gateway for the technology where some of the best technochrats would be interacting .

    Would request , if somehow its possible to put a recorded session of this event on site .

    Govind S Yadav


  3. Hi Pinal,

    I have tried to add indexes to queries but I can’t do it. Can you show me how? So far I only know how to create indexes on tables and views.

    This is what I wrote.

    SELECT *
    FROM MyTable

    I also tried to add a query to an index but I got a SYNTAX ERROR. I don’t know how to do that either.



  4. Hi Pinal,

    I had attend seminar in ahmedabad on 3th Octobor,
    It’s Excellent. I have learned lots of new thnigs from you, also vinod kumar, jacob sebestien well as prabhjot singh
    i hope you ‘n your guys will arrange seminar like this in future


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