SQLAuthority News – Baby SQLAuthority is here!

September 1st, 2009 07:03:40 AM was one of the most beautiful moment of my life! God has graced us with baby girl. Nupur (my wife) and I am very happy today. We have no words to express our happiness. Baby girl and mother both are very healthy.

SQLAuthorityBaby1 SQLAuthority News   Baby SQLAuthority is here!

SQLAuthorityBaby2 SQLAuthority News   Baby SQLAuthority is here!

SQLAuthorityBaby3 SQLAuthority News   Baby SQLAuthority is here!

SQLAuthorityBaby4 SQLAuthority News   Baby SQLAuthority is here!

We have yet to name our baby girl. Do you have any suggestions for Indian name?

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.sqlauthority.com)

85 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Baby SQLAuthority is here!

  1. Congratulations Pinal… very very cute Baby… :) God bless her and u both…!!!!

    You were looking for name… ok Name her as “RADHIKA”..!!!!

    Just a piece of suggestion..!!


  2. My heartfelt congratulations to you and your family on the wonderful news of the birth of your daughter. Best wishes for a long, happy and healthy future for all of you.


  3. Congratulations Pinal!

    Indian names? I don’t know many. And also India is so large, different areas use different names. What is good here, might not work there.

    I was just reading about “The Blue Umbrella”. The song is going around, and is a delightfully happy song, even if i don’t know what the words mean. The main character is Biniya. Is that a good suggestion?

    Of course, she’ll need a nickname too. Being she’s you’re next generation, you can call her “Pinal the sequel”. :P


  4. What a wonderful gift.

    Someone told me once that if I had a daughter, I would have a palace waiting for me in Paradise (I have three already, so I guess I could eventually move from one palace to another at will :-))

    Congratulations to you and your wife.

    With my very best wishes from Spain



  5. congratulations sir,,,

    ive been a regular reader of ur blog, but ive got this very bad habbit of not leaving any comments,,,nd this is quite special,,as its a special moment in ur life,,,my hands didnt stop me from typin in the comments box,,,

    if i were to name her..it wud be sandhya,,an awesomest name fr me,,,:)


  6. Hey Pinal,
    It’s a Fantastic news!! Congrats…
    However i dont understand what the heck ur doing at Kolkata on 2nd of September!!!
    You are supposed to be with your sweet baby!


  7. Congratulations and best wishes from Brazil & Russia!

    We have a saying here: A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and most importantly, the future worth living for!


  8. Congratulations.. this is my first post on your site, though I have referred it many times.
    Indian baby girl names.. Tanvi, Simran, Mitra, Ananya, Vara.


  9. Hi Pinal,

    This is my first ever comment to ur Blog, but to say i am active reader to ur articles and helps me lot to solve my database issues.

    And many congratulation for ur baby.Let us know when u have planned for ‘NAMANKARAN’ meaning the name giving day to ur baby :)

    From my side have a look at this name “SHAAKSHI” :)


  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

    How Are you all??
    Baby is very cute…but i will not allow her to swing…….
    bcaz “”VER NI VASULAT””…….


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  14. Hi Pinal,

    I can verywell understand the happiness, bcoz my queen also will be two years old on coming 3rd Sep.

    Warm Wishesh to you and your family…


  15. Hello Pinal,

    The Baby is indeed very sweet. Sorry for posting this after so long !

    YES it is indeed a great pleasure to have a BABY GIRL, instead of a Baby Boy. Reason … ?? When I look back in time when I was a kid … I definitely don’t want another Aashish the Menace. Daughters are sweet & always obey parents ! BOYS are rascals (like myself).

    Anyways, belated happy birthday to your daughter. !
    Oh BTW, what have you finally named her … ???

    Aashish. Vaghela


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