SQLAuthority News – Update on pinaldave.com and SQLAuthority.com

Problem: SQLAuthority.com site was not allowed in some browsers as pinaldave.com site was marked as malware or badware distributing third party site.

Status: SQLAuthority.com and pinaldave.com both the sites are safe now and there is no threat to your computer. Feel free to click on the links.

Since the last two mornings I have received over 200 emails querying about the error my sites were generating. I encountered countless questions and worst of all I was thrown verbal abuse for not getting my own site up right away and for being careless. I’m much relieved today as everything is back to normal and I forgive those who abused me. There are few explanations I have been demanded numerous times by my several regular readers. Many readers send me question on twitter demanding to know what actually happened.

Question : What is the current status of your site?
Answer : All well, no problem. Business is as usual.

Q: What exactly happened?
A: I host my blog on a supreme blog platform wordpress.com. All the images that are displayed in this blog I host at my other hosting facility where I host my website pinaldave.com. All the images, photos and code come from pinaldave.com.

This was done to facilitate cross posting any blog at anytime on any platform without any hassle with one mouse click.

My host where I hosted pinaldave.com got affected by some kind of virus and trojon. Because of the same reason, all the websites which were hosted on that server were adversely affected with malwares and badwares. My site saw this impact too and all the browsers and anti virus started to report it as unsafe site.

My blog site SQLAuthority.com contains lots of images and photos from pinaldave.com, so it was marked as a site containing links to malwares. Commutatively, both my sites were as marked as malicious sites and browsers started to prevent displaying them.

Q: How did you fix the problem?
A: I had to change my webhost to a new one and re-uploaded my site.

Q: Why did you change your webhost?
A: Yes, I tried to inform my webhost about this attack but to my utter disappointment they did not take this issue seriously. I tried to call them up multiple times and explained them the problem. For all my efforts, I received verbal abuse from their supervisor.

This is not the first time where I faced such grave issue with my previous host. This is the third major issue in the past two months. Previously, their SQL Server 2008 was down for two days straight so my site was also down for the same duration. Just a month ago, I faces problem with my email account; it stopped working for two full days. As my site was down for almost five days in the past 60 days and to top this I faced verbal abused by the supervisor, I decided to move on to a new host.

Q: Who was your previous host?
A: I do not want to talk about them any more. They used to host my site for long time. After I reported the problem they did not care to respond to me and did not fix the problem for over 24 hours.

Q: Are you angry with your previous host?
A: Not at all. Such things do happen so I’m chilled. However, when I was politely reporting a problem to them I did not expect to hear abusive language from their customer support. It came as a shock to me but now I’m out of it. After all, I have to move on.

Q: Who is your new host?
A: GoDaddy.com and they are doing great! Most of the people think of Danica Patrik when GoDaddy is mentioned, I think of  Index De-Fragmentation Script of SQLFool.

Q: What’s next?
A: Please spread the words that everything is alright now.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

3 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Update on pinaldave.com and SQLAuthority.com

  1. “I was thrown verbal abuse for not getting my own site up right away and for being careless.”
    foolish lamers….

    Good to hear your site is again in good health ;)



  2. Glad to hear it all worked out.
    Why wouldn’t you share the name of the company so we can avoid getting the same bad service?


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