SQL SERVER – Connect using Enterprise Manager to SQL Server 2005/2008

I received following email from Mike Bikkins.

“How can I connect to SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008 using SQL Server 2000’s Enterprise Manager?”

No. You can not connect with SQL Server 2005 and higher version using Enterprise Manager. You will need SQL Server Management Studio available with SQL Server 2005 and higher version.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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23 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Connect using Enterprise Manager to SQL Server 2005/2008

  1. I don’t understand why people ask such dumb questions … whats the use of these things….

    When sql server 2005 / 2008 servers are installed… you would have 2005 / 2008 client tools…I dont see any reason to access sql server 2005/2008 using sql server 2000 client tools. whats is the advantage ?

    You can download ssms client tools for sql server 2005/2008 for free.

    check this link:



  2. Hi pinal,
    Can we connect to sqlserver2008 using sqlserver05 ssms??

    i am unable to connect to sqlserver2008 using 05 ssms
    i am getting an error
    This version of ssms can only be connect to sql 00 and 05

    I am having 05 express edition and 08 express edition

  3. @santosh – you can’t. The reason you can’t connect to a newer version of the server with an older tool is because the newer server has different properties that the older tool isn’t aware of.

    I can think of one reason you might want to – if you are working on a computer that only has an older version of the client tools but need to connect to a newer server, and don’t have RDP access (for example). However the real solution is to simply install newer client tools. For a while I had both SQL2000 and 2005 client tools – they coexist very well together.

  4. Hi Dave
    How do you do. well can u help me in my problem that how can i find tables related to each other using primary key & foreign keys as their are no of other tables in the database
    i am new to sql Database’s as for my first chance to the sql as a database deceloper and i need to combine all the tables as for my requirements as i need to update users for their reports for which i need to check the table name as per requirements via command
    select * from information_schema.tables
    where table_name like ‘%employee%’
    please help me with my query to find all the tables that are interrelated to each other

    Ziyad Mehmood
    DBD Pakistan

  5. Hi

    my i am having a doubt . my server maintenance is done every week. this time my server was restarted by network team without my information. I was about to run rebuild index job on one of the database. could u tell me what if the server is restarted during rebuilding index.


  6. Hi Pinal,

    Please let me know the installation process of SQL SERVER 2005 .I have installed all the services but couldnt find the sql server enterprise manager


  7. I have some database in client computer in SQL2000
    i want to import those data to sql2008 in main server

    Please tell me the steps

  8. hi,
    please how do i package my visual studio 2005 and SQL 2005 application for a machine for the does not have any of these applications.
    Also how do I access Enterprise manager from sql server 2005

  9. Hi I have a web application that works with a database in SQL Server 2005.
    I bought web hosting with cable one, and a database in sql server 2005. My problem is that I don’t know how to manage the database with cable one, I called them and they told me that I need SQL Server Enterprise edition, thats too expensive is there another way to upload and mange the database with cable one


  10. We’d like to be able to use SQL Server 2000 tools when we have invested man years in learning how to use them, and when the new tools have removed key components. The F4 object search which I use as a foundational development tool has vanished and the only reference I find online from Microsoft has no date as to when it will be restored. This is not a productive use of my time.

  11. We’d like to be able to use SQL Server 2000 tools when we have invested man years in learning how to use them, and when the new tools have removed key components.  The F4 object search which I use as a foundational development tool has vanished and the only reference I find online from Microsoft has no date as to when it will be restored.  This is not a productive use of my time.

  12. Hi, iam using Sql server 2005 database .
    In myweb applications the Users will register to Login.
    As the User Registered in the site the Registered date will be saved in the database and it will get updated when he logs in the next time . if He Haven’t logs in for 60 days the SQL SERVER 2005 must send him an email that ” he never login in for 60 days . and if he havent logs in a week his profile will be automatically deleted.” As iam New with the SQL Server 2005 Emails Can you pls help how can i sent emails automatically to the Users by Cheaking their loging dates every day . Your heip will be Appreciated .

  13. Hello RajaGopal,

    configure the Database Mail and then create a Agent job to execute once daily. If some not logged in for last 60 days then send mail using sp_send_dbmail stored procedure.

    Pinal Dave

  14. Hi,

    I have one question. One of our client have sql server 2000 enterprise manager. I want to connect that database.
    I have sql 2000 and 2008. I unable to connect with Sql management studio 2008 but able to connect with sql server 2000.

    Why is not possible with 2008?


  15. People ask such dumb questions because the SQL Express tools are disabled, and MS does this crap to force you into the new versions, regardless of your current investment.

    I need to run stored procedures and export tables regularly from a sql 2000 server to a 2008 server. Any idea how?

    Not everyone is willing to upgrade, so how am I suppose to get the two systems to work togethe without writing the code to do it myself in a .net language.

    The dumb move was making it so difficult to make the two systems work with each other.

    Did anyone conside that we’d have separate clients, each with a different version?

  16. hi dears how i can install MS SQL enterprise edition 2005 , from where i can download it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    waiting for urgent reponse


  17. my exisiting application only support sql server 2000 but i have an another application which is using sql server 2008. Now i am in a critical to position to access the sql server 2008 from sql server 2000. Pl help

  18. People ask this question because SQL Server Management Studio is a terrible tool and they are just hoping beyond reasonable thought that Enterprise Manager would work with 2005/2008.

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