SQL SERVER – Introduction to Log Viewer

SQL Server log data is very important for any DBA to troubleshoot SQL Server related problems. In SQL Server 2000 there was no facility to check System and Application log, however in SQL Server 2005 there is facility of the log viewer. It is very useful tool and very easy to use as well.

In SQL Server 2005 all the windows event logs can be seen along with SQL Server logs. Interface for all the logs is same and can be launched from the same place. This log can be exported and filtered as well.

Following two images describes the how to launch log viewer and analysis the logs.

logreader SQL SERVER   Introduction to Log Viewer

Following are kind of logs which can be viewed in Log Viewer.

  • Database Mail
  • SQL Server Agent Logs
  • SQL Server Error Logs
  • Windows Event Logs (Application, Security and System)

logreader1 SQL SERVER   Introduction to Log Viewer

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

4 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – Introduction to Log Viewer

  1. Pinal
    Thanks for the article on the SQL log. While the logs are useful for many purposes, more often than ever they are very confusing and overwhelming with the number of records. Would it be possible for you to write few articles to decipher the log in a simple fashion approach, that is for some generic scenario’s like (CPU usage, culprit transaction etc) what kind of message some one should be looking for. I could very well google this and find out but so far the articles I have seen are little bit overwhelming with ton of information and I have come to love your simple, practical fashion approach.

    Thanks much


  2. Hi Pinaldave,

    Thanks for the info. I was wondering, is there any way to clear the log? (is there a table which I can delete records from?)

    There was a small bug in some software which generated hundred of thousands of the same messages. If I can delete them the log would become more usefull.

    best regards



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