SQL SERVER – 2005 – Multiple Language Support

SQL Server supports multiple languages. Information about all the languages are stored in sys.syslanguages system view. You can run following script in Query Editor and see all the information about each language. Information about Months and Days varies for each language.

SELECT Alias, *
FROM sys.syslanguages

ResultSet: (* results not included)
British English
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

85 thoughts on “SQL SERVER – 2005 – Multiple Language Support

  1. Hi..

    I have a doubt about the languae support in SQL. If Iam using a chinese version of windows, and my SQL server is also a chinese version, what will happen to the stored procedures and table names that I type in? all that will be in chinese?? that means, if I type a table name “tblMyTable” that will come as chinese??? or only the GUI of SQL will be in chinese and all othere stuffs will b same as in english??

    thanks in advance.


    • Create table WorldLangs
      LangID int identity
      ,CountryName nvarchar(100)
      ,Language nvarchar(100)
      ,SampleSentence nvarchar(100)

      insert into WorldLangs values(‘Saudi Arabia’,’Arabic’,N’ترحيب’)

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    • Use Google Language Tools for your preferred language with uni-code Character set and NVARCHAR / NChar Data type to input in your preferred language. numbers and Date controls work only with base installed language



  2. I am using select query on danish word H̨āyirat as-Salam. It is propely stored in sql server , but when I try to select it. It return zero record .
    Why it is not selected can any one help me. my query is

    select count(*) as num from tblcity where City =’H̨āyirat as-Salam’


  3. Hi,

    Is it possible in sql 2005 to translate english text in multilanguage using any service supported by sql 2005 or higher version. We are working on sap project where we save text in english and later it is translated to different languages. Can we perform this task from sql server side instead of using .net code using google translate api which is causng performance issue. Any suggestion is welcome.


    Anil kumar


  4. i have to implement my website in multiple language .But how can my read the data from Database in another language .Means suppose in my table there are 10 fields and i have all this fields display in grid view in another language .go Please give me suggestion what i have to do ?


  5. Hello Falguni,

    There is no setting changes to define a language for a column of table. You can store data of any language in a column of NVARCHAR data type.
    So just specy the data ype of column to NVARCHAR and use the N character with string while inserting value in that column as below:
    INSERT INTO table1 VALUES (N’your multi langual value here’)

    Pinal Dave


      • Hello Pinal..!

        In my case data is accessed from different Databases like ORACLE, MS SQL Server 2008 , DB2.

        In case of ORACLE using NVARCHAR2 data-type for column having unicode data and using AL32UTF8 charset solves my problem of using multilingual data.

        But in case of SQL server just using NVARCHAR datatype doesnt work, there is need to use suffix N before string as you mentioned.

        My questions are
        1. Is their other solution to avoid use of prefix N as we don’t want to modify the queries which are large in number.
        2. What is the AL32UTF8 equivalent charset for SQL Server.
        3. How to modify charset of existing SQL Server Datbase.

        Thanks and Warm Regards


  6. HI Dave

    I am working on multilingual web site but getting problem to retrive data in multiple language,data store in sql as english formate. if any idea plz help me.


  7. Hi
    I need to insert Chinese charters in to my MSSQL Server 2005 DB. When i inserted its showing me some squares . I tried changing the collation of the column , it still didn’t work


  8. Hello Pinal,

    The below insert statement works fine with Arabic text.
    INSERT INTO table1 VALUES (N’your multi langual value here’)

    But I am passing the text to a SP as a parameter and pleae let me know how to insert the arabic text from SP using a parameter.

    INSERT INTO table1 VALUES (N’@TextData’) or
    INSERT INTO table1 VALUES (‘N’”+@TextData)

    did not work.

    Please tell me the exact syntax for insert and update stetements to use in SP.


  9. I am using the 2005 sql server as backend and using delphi as frontend. using ADO connection to input Chinese in application. When input the Chinese, I can see it is correct. But when save to Database, Chinese character change to ???.
    I using the MS tools to insert Chinese character, it has same problem. Does any one know what is the problem? How to fix this problem.


  10. CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Table_2](
    [hindi] [nvarchar](max) NULL
    ) ON [PRIMARY]

    insert into Table_2 values (N’ हिंदी अनुवाद’)
    select hindi from Table_2

    Based on many suggestions I came across, above is what I thought would work. But it does not show the inserted text correctly. Can you help?


  11. Hi sir,

    suppose my database contain various language record. but i can understand English so is there is any way so that i an cross check my record in english.

    Thanks And Regards
    Himanshu Baijal
    [email address removed]


  12. Dear madhivanan

    Can you pls suggest me any convertion tool to convert Sql query out put to French

    Thanks & Regards
    Namit Jain


  13. Dear Pinal.
    I’m new in implementing databases for Asia Regions , i have a problem with the manage languages and correct collations for vietnamese,indonesian and Hindi, when create sql user what language set to default if not exists vietnamese , indonesian or Hindi, what is the language set to sql users? and i need change stored procedures for to load information and add or include character “N” precedent for character columns? exists a guideline o best practices? thanks


  14. dear all,

    pls help me i want to communicate by mail to abroad & my english is week so how can i communicate so any software or any way to i am thinking in Gujarati language i write & convert in english


  15. I have a request. user get data in multy languages like chinese, japanese, korean and english all in a single table, ahinese or japanese characters are not read in his table please suggest a tep to support multi language support by SQL database


  16. Dear Pinal,
    I have a requirement like to translate the data into different languages and that data should be displayed using ssrs report.primarily the data should be in english. when ever the user select the other language (eg: French, spanish) the data should be translated to that language.

    can you please help me out of this and what are the steps i have to follow for achieving this goal.

    Thanks in advance.


  17. Hello pinal,
    It is possible to insert data to a table in Chinese and retrive data as English. wthout using any converter.


  18. Hi Pinal,

    i want to use variable in my sp.

    I am passing the value to a SP as a parameter and try to insert that value in db table by passing @TextData.

    INSERT INTO table1 VALUES (N’@TextData’) or
    INSERT INTO table1 VALUES (‘N’”+@TextData)

    did not work.

    Please tell me the exact syntax for insert statement to use in SP.


  19. Hi Pinal,
    I am able to insert Hindi words in a table of database of SQL Server 2008 R2, but I want to know that how can I insert hindi numerals in the same table in a specific column(only for hindi numerals). Please give me any suggestion.


  20. Hi Pinal,

    How to convert hindi to english in sql server.
    Suppose that we have a data in excel of goverment data then how to convert in english


  21. Hi,

    Whether SSAS support multi languages like japanese, chinese, english, russian in a single row. I mean in the database the field has the capability of having multi languages in a record as the source for the teradata database is sap r3. I heard that even after the language is set as English in sap r3 system, user can enter data other than english as well, like any symbols, chinese words etc.,

    Eventually teradata will be bringing these characters in to database. So when we create cube with teradata as a source, will SSAS be in a position to handle this. If yes, please let me know how to handle this. Thanks…


  22. Hi pinal,

    Im trying to insert kannada language in database

    and i set that variable to NVARCHAR in database, N charecter to the txt field

    but still im unable to store kannada its showing like ???????

    plz… plz… give me the solution


  23. Hi
    I m trying to insert Hindi language in database
    and i set that variable to nvarchar in database,
    N character to the text field
    but stil i m unable to store Hindi its showing like english words dqekj
    please Sir give me the solution very fast.


  24. Hi Pinal,

    How to bulk insert unicode characters by bcp? It inserts junk characters into table instead of the specified unicode characters.


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  26. Hello,

    Declare @CARPWorkOrderNo nVARCHAR(50)
    set @CARPWorkOrderNo=’जगभरातील नामवंत’
    ,CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), m.CARPWorkOrderDate, 103) CARPWorkOrderDate
    FROM DOICARProposal m
    WHERE CARPWorkOrderNo =@CARPWorkOrderNo

    This didn’t work. How i use N’ before parameter. How i search marathi text into table using parameters



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