SQLAuthority News – Limited Edition T-Shirts Arrived

I have received quite a few request for SQLAuthority.com T-shirts. Every day I receive lots of emails and suggestions. Many readers have great suggestions and have helped to improve content.

First of all I express my gratitude to all of you. Few of my loyal and enthusiastic readers will receive the T-shirt by tomorrow.

T-shirts are very limited. I have kept only two for me and have shipped all other.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

T Shirt SQLAuthority News   Limited Edition T Shirts Arrived

23 thoughts on “SQLAuthority News – Limited Edition T-Shirts Arrived

  1. Can I get free Tshirt too please?
    Anybody please post a link here for SQL Authority T-shirt. If I do not get one I will get from eBay.


  2. I’d like to have one if posssible. I know i must be low in the priority queue, but I’d like you to put me in the list.


  3. Hi pin,

    I would like to wear the SQLAUTHORITY T-Shirt into my body to have a proud as I am one of part in SQLAuthority as reader..

    Plz , tell the procedure….

    Regards ,

    Wilson Gunanithi . J


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  5. Hi Pinal

    I would like to wear white SQL Authority T-shirt.
    Please guide me the process to fill my small desire.

    I hope u will help me in this



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